The great architectural photograph must be completely presented a concept design, content and details in the project.Moreover, there must be aesthetically
in composition and accuracy in perspective. For those who present their stories through photos is called “Architectural Photographer”.

Architectural Photographer is the expert in photography. They have to know and understand the architectural design. That’s why they have some points of view as an architect, who seems like the representative in publishing your project. In addition, each photographer has different technique to present their works.

“Sofography” is the new generation of architectural photographer who is abundant with passion and experiences. We also aim to build your confidence by our previous works and experiences.

We are aware and try to present the characteristic of the architecture to be esthetics and liveliness through the neat perspective and punctiliousness in every process. Moreover, we try to present different view and emphasize the good image of the project by holding your satisfaction to ensure that our photograph can perfectly present on your project.

If you are looking for an architectural photographer in order to present your design, please let us to be one of your choices with our reasonable price, high quality and impressive service.

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